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Clanfolk Free Download: Imagine a time when people lived in tribes. Every day was roughly the same everyone gathered what they needed from nature and then went about their business, forming relationships with those around them while trying to stay alive until next year’s gathering cycle began again… This is Clanfolk – A medieval colony sim set deep within the Scottish highlands’ Highlands region! Harness your environment (fish!), gather items like wood or stone if you have a small boat so that when winter finally comes around it will not be cold outside but rather cozy inside of one’s home; hunt animals for meat which can often time provide more calories than just eating bread: Remember there are three types including seals

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Clanfolk Free Download: Imagine a time when the world was much harsher and survival oneself meant relying on one another. In “Clanfolk,” you will take control over your family’s fate in this frontier filled with danger from nature itself as well as other people who want what they have, but at what cost? Your decisions shape how quickly or slowly things grow within clan settlements that can range anywhere between being self-sufficient enough just needing basic needs met such as The Hamlet (a small town)to becoming trade hubs influencing goods across larger regions; all depending entirely upon whether

Clanfolk Free Download

The Clanfolk game is a narrative-focused strategy-building and management simulator where you control the lives of your family members through multiple generations. From getting married, having children, or adopting them out into other families’ homes – everything has consequences! What will they be like? How much land does this person possess; how powerful were his ancestors before him… It all matters when shaping history for later generations to learn from as partakers in our story here on Earth together.”

The Clanfolk live in a time where they must manage their schedules carefully to ensure everyone is well rested, fed, and happy. There are certain mornings that cannot be missed for any member of the family as these represent special occasions such as cooking together or going on fishing trips since not only does it help pass time but also creates memories which will last forever!

The Clanfolk are a close-knit family that cares for each other and works towards bettering themselves. They learn the core survival skills from their elders, which they pass on to younger members when it is time for them to lay down their lives in service of this land or any others that may come along during times unstable enough without proper guidance; but even then there’s no guarantee against danger!

Clanfolk PC Free Download

With each season comes new challenges and opportunities – whether you’re gathering berries in the summer, trapping eels during winter, or hunting rabbits to survive. The flow of time affects your lifestyle: before long it’ll be spring again!

You must till the soil, employ techniques like slash-and-burn farming and train your farmers in order to keep your people fed. The environment presents constant challenges – from heavy rain that leaves behind treacherous roadsides or fields too flooded out for planting; to extreme cold where even fires may not be able to withstand winter’s bite so you’ll need warm clothes near enough at hand always! Food left soaking wet will spoil quickly unless it replaces its moisture through breathable ventilation rather than standing around waiting patiently until all hours before someone

They say that first impressions last forever. You’ll get to make your own Clanfolk, starting from nothing but land and the knowledge of survival in a new world! As each piece is collected it unlocks something else for use on this planet – like building houses using bricks made out of stone or reeds pulled up as mats under tress so people can sleep comfortably even if it’s raining outside without worrying about getting wet through their nose whenever they breathe

When the world is changing at a rapid pace, it’s important to stay on top of developments and changes. Maintaining complex production chains can be difficult with so many things going wrong all simultaneously–but this also ensures that your clan folk has what they need for an event in any given season!

TheClanfolk are not just a family in the highlands – we have traders, travelers, and neighbors that visit us on occasion. These visitors give you an opportunity to make new friends or earn coins while growing your settlement! Trading posts attract members from other clans who bring their own goods for trade as well; it’s important to know how they specialize so one can survive life at these crossroads towns between families…

Clanfolk Free Game Download

Play as one of many families in the Scottish Highlands lead them through generations. Defend your people against raiders, explore new lands with overseas trader ships, or champion clan interests at home! Clanfolk Free Download


    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 7/8/10
    • Processor: 2.6 GHz Dual Core
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 1GB 3D DirectX 9 Compatible video card
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 2 GB available space