Escape Academy Free Download

Escape Academy Free Download: Welcome to the world of escape games! Train hard, study Maxwell’s equations and solve puzzles like never before in order to reach our goal: becoming an ultimate escapist. We offer tons of different types for you to choose from such as logical series or dating simulations- these are just some examples of what can be found here at Escape Academy

About This Game:

You will explore rooms filled with puzzles and challenges that test your wits as well as skills in teamwork or single-player modes for an opportunity at fame and fortune!

Escape Academy Free Download

You’ll never think about your average video game the same way again after playing escape rooms. You are taken inside a world that feels more real than anything else and you have only minutes to find clues, puzzles, or objects before locks grow securely upon them!

The escape room is an experience that tests your wits and skills in order to solve puzzles, find clues as well as explore the environment. You’ll have a chance at winning exclusive content by completing different types of challenges within these rooms!

Escape Academy PC Free Download

The campus is alive with the sound of music as you explore this academy for escape artists. The faculty are all here, ready to help students find their inner genius and unlock hidden talents… but they can’t do it if we don’t tell them what’s wrong! So slip into an unnoticed dress somewhere among our colorful cast of characters: each expert in different arts — including one who prefers silent retreats ̶and discover how they might be able to teach us some new tricks while hiding old ones ourselves

Escape Academy is a series of rooms with puzzles and challenges that test your skills as an aspiring escape artist. You’ll have to use logic, Inventory Management System (IMS) knowledge, physical agility – even some social engineering techniques! The stakes? Physical safety depends on how well you perform in these mental gym tests; however, failure will result in not only disappointment but also loss of grades which could lead down career paths entirely different than intended by parenthesis

Escape Academy Free Game Download

The Escape Academy is a training center for future Heros. It’s not easy to train here; some lessons are murderously difficult, like “Go for the Gold” where you compete against your nemesis in an evenly matched race through The Rival Room and prove who has class best! But if that doesn’t work out or goes poorly on both our parts then there’ll always be another opportunity looming… And this just scratches at the surface level of what happens inside those walls–even though we can only imagine most things happening after hours since no one ever leaves without permission (or worse). Escape Academy Free Download


    • OS: Windows 7
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Storage: 5 GB available space