RUINSMAGUS Free Download

RUINSMAGUS Free Download: A new world awaits you in VR! Welcome to ruin asparagus, an action-packed JRPG designed especially for the highest quality of immersion available with your headset on. Explore and cast away through a fantasy land first person while learning how to become part or even leader among those who call themselves runners – just don’t get lost because many paths lead back here if they’re not already enlightened by knowledge from other supernatural creatures like yourselves…

The input states “ruinsmagrus” which can be translated as ‘the place where my dreams.

About This Game:

RUINSMAGUS is a thriving community with plenty to offer. As one of the few remaining members, you’ll be tasked with helping strengthen this renowned ruin-forging institution by using magic and resources while embarking on more than 25 unique quests to make sure it remains safe from intruders who would try their best not just to protect these ancient places but also find ways inside them! Face off against guardians tasked specifically for each challenge waiting within…and solve deadly puzzles hidden within so that when all else fails—Winternight included!–you may finally succeed enough before heading back outside again where stronger items await those successful adventurers like yourself.

RUINSMAGUS Free Download

You are an itinerant wizard, sent to the wealthy town of Grand Amnis by your master. The people there depend on artifacts hidden deep within ruins for their wealth and prosperity; however, a series of obstacles stand in front of them including powerful guardians who protect these secrets from being discovered Reader beware – what mysteries lurk beneath gilded streets?

Ruinsmagus is a vast land where you can explore immersive VR mechanics that bring your character to life. It has more than 25 story-driven quests for all types of players, who want an exciting challenge.

The ruins are a confusing, dangerous place. You’ll have to fight the guardians who protect these treasures if you want any chance of getting what they hold, but be careful – nothing is stopping them from also fighting back! Use your powerful spells and shields wisely to take down enemies while exploring this vast new world.


The grand Amnis is the perfect place to recover after a day of exploring. It’s got everything you need, from shops and restaurants galore all in one location–to rooms with Fri Scheme amenities that will make your stay extra special.

Join me on a journey to discover the city’s shops and cafes, as we prepare for our next adventure. You’ll make new friends while enjoying delightful conversations.

RUINSMAGUS Free Game Download

The Ruinsmagus is an imaginative, intriguing world filled with danger and promise. You can play as one of four unique characters who share their quest for power or explore this dark fantasy landscape at your own pace in VR. RUINSMAGUS Free Download


OS: Windows 10 – 64 bit
Processor: Intel i5-7500 / Ryzen 5 1600 equivalent or greater
Memory: 12 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 1060 / RX 580 equivalent or greater
Additional Notes: VR Headset required